I’m Laura Delaney and I proudly run Delaney Marketing & Communications where I specialize in nonprofit grant writing and research and the related publicity. I’m a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Corporate Communication and a minor in Business. 

I am so passionate about the nonprofit realm. I believe wholeheartedly in their tireless, hard and often un(der)appreciated work. Having had the privilege of working for a nonprofit organization for several years, I not only know of the challenges that are faced almost daily, but also the rewards that can be reaped from being able to help an individual or group. It’s in that spirit that I started this company.

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Did you know?

  • *  …that there are thousands of philanthropic foundations across the country available to fund exciting and impacting projects?
    * … that any nonprofit organization, including individuals, can apply for a grant?
    * … that some grants can fund up to 100% of your project?
    * … that last year foundations gave away over $30 billion in grant funding?


Your Thoughts?

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