Is hiring a grant writer worth the investment?

9 Oct

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So you have a project planned. A project that could reach and help a lot of people. But where is the money coming from to execute said project? A grant, of course. There’s not always a budget for that “great idea.” But if you’ve never written a grant, the process can seem daunting, not to mention time consuming. You have to decide if you can commit to the process or if it might be more to your benefit to hire out. There are a lot of questions to ask, but one that always comes up is:

Is it worth the investment?

My answer is yes. I know what you’re thinking: of course your answer is yes. You’re a grant writer and that helps the bottom line. Well, ok sure. But I’m also in business because I love nonprofits. (Check out my “About” page for evidence.)

Grants can be an amazing way for nonprofits to get funding. If fundraising isn’t meeting all your needs, maybe it’s time to try changing strategies. The cost of hiring a grant writer is only a very small percentage of the funding you could earn for your VIP — very important project.

Maybe I can help you. Here’s how I do it:

1. We’ll set up a meeting with all relevant stakeholders (i.e. Board of Directors, department staff, etc.) to come up with the ultimate goal. It will need to be specific in order to determine the right grant opportunities for your project. We’ll discuss budget, strategy and all other details.

2. After establishing your goal, I’ll conduct research into available funding opportunities. I’ll compile a list of those matching your needs and contact each association individually to discuss the exact details of their offering. I’ll introduce your organization so that you’re top of mind.

3. Next comes the actual proposal writing. Based on my interview with the organization and the funding requirements, I will craft a proposal that meets these requirements for the best chance of being awarded.

4. Once I’ve written the proposal and put all the pieces together, I will schedule a meeting with all relevant staff to get final approval. Once received, I will submit the proposal. I will be available for questions and grant-fulfillment coaching during the waiting time.

5. And once you’ve been awarded your grant, I will be there to walk you through the fulfillment, follow up and subsequent publicity.

Contact me for more details and financial commitment. I make your VIP my VIP. Your project is the only one that I take on at a time to ensure that you get the best chance at getting awarded.

I look forward to talking with you.

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