Lucky Number 13

13 Apr

Friday, April 13, 2012

I got to thinking this morning how fun it would be to run promotions of Friday the 13th. Think of how creative you could be!! I’ve compiled 13 promotion ideas, but trust me, I could have kept going.

1. Offer a 13% off discount.

2. Using Twitter to broadcast clues, hide a lucky rabbit’s foot somewhere in the local area. Winner gets an awesome prize

3. Best black cat photo contest.

4. Feature 13 top products — preferably with some tie to Friday the 13th…think umbrellas, ladders, mirrors, etc. — and put them on sale.

5. Create a special product just for Friday the 13th and feature it. This would work really well for the food industry (ex: sandwiches, drinks, etc.).

6. Create a Friday the 13th playlist and share it with your followers.

7. Donate 13% of daily proceeds to a worthy cause.

8. Try Your Luck casino night? Great for a fundraising event.

9. Unlucky winner contest – the unluckiest wins!

10. Offer a list of 13 tips or suggestions related to your product or service.

11. Host a horse shoe competition as a fundraiser.

12. Hold a drawing with 13 random winners.

13. Baker’s dozen – give out a free donut/bagel/muffin when a dozen is purchased.

There are so many other creative things you could do to “celebrate” or at least capitalize on this day. What ideas did you come up with?

Happy Friday the 13th. Hope you don’t suffer from triskaidekaphobia.



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