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Rainy Day Motivation

27 Feb

Monday, February 27, 2012

Some days it’s all I can do just to get a few things done. Rainy days just have a way of zapping my motivation. (Mondays aren’t any easier, are they?) Here are 8 ways to fight through the rainy day ruts…and thoses “cases of the Mondays” too. Hopefully, you’re not facing both today where you are. Thank you to my Facebook followers for contributing your ideas.

1. Allow yourself scheduled mini-breaks/rewards.

2. If it helps, put something on your to-do list that’s already been done just for the satisfaction. (Awesome idea, Ginny.)

3. Coffee – any caffeine for that matter – always gies me the burst of energy I need.

4. Make a playlist. Put on your favorite “pump me up music”and rock out.

5. Don’t take your jeans off. (Thank you, Shannon, for that one!) This one might require some explaining: When you get home from running errands or whatever, never put on your comfy pants, because it’s all over from there. You’ll definitely not get anything done.

6. Post positive affirmations in high-traffic areas around the office/house. They’re sure to boost your resolve with their encouragement.

7. If you’re able to, head to a local internet cafe where others are likely motivated and working. Perhaps just being surrounded by others will help!

8. Eat a variety if nutritious and energizing foods – fruits and veggies are sure to help!  Avoid sweets which will only give you a temporary energy boost.

Your turn: In the “Comments” section below, share some ideas of what motivates you on a rainy day.


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