Bird-Watching: It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Hobby Anymore

23 May

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Audubon Society has long been known for its older generation of bird watchers – you probably are familiar with the organization because of your grandparents’ involvement. But today, The Audubon Society is after the elusive ‘young birder’, someone who breaks the traditional ‘senior’ mold. The ideal candidate? Twenty- and thirty-somethings with a penchant toward nature. And believe it or not, they’re out there and they’re getting connected.

And just how do they intend to capture this new demographic? How else? Well, social media, of course. Technology is the future of the organization. They’ve already tested out their new strategies with their California chapter by inviting members and non-members alike to attend  Audubon-sponsored events. For just one event, they had over 300 responses. “…[N]ew birders and their technology are welcome. Organizations need to keep appealing to new generations to stay relevant,” says Garry George of California Audubon.Young birders also bring new opportunities to an organization that has always catered to an older generation. For instance, birders can download apps to their mobile devices which allow them to identify bird species as well as examples of bird calls.

Now it’s easier than ever to keep track of Audubon events, information and updates by following their Twitter feed: @audubonsociety. If you want more, you can also connect with other enthusiasts on the National Audubon Society’s facebook page. Be part of the conversation or sit back and be informed. 

Their ultimate goal is to connect people with similar interests to the beautiful world around them. “This isn’t your grandmother’s Audubon anymore,” says Audubon President, David Yarnold.1

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1 NPR’s Marketplace


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  1. Bird-Watching: It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Hobby Anymore « Marketing Musings | MarketFix - May 28, 2011

    […] Bird-Watching: It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Hobby Anymore « Marketing Musings. […]

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