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Why Are You So Special?

19 Jan

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here’s a thought-provoking exercise for some mid-week motivation: If someone asked you what marketing is, what would you tell them? Would you say that it’s your promotional pieces? Your social network activities? Your amazing product that speaks for itself? Or would you say that it’s the way you do business, you customer service and your outreach efforts? Well, if you said any or all of these, you’re not entirely inaccurate. Here’s a quote that I think will illustrate my point:

“Marketing is the process of teaching consumers why they should choose your product or service over your competitors.” –Laura Lake, contributor

So, if you said that marketing is a combination of promotional pieces, your social media strategies and customer service, you have the right idea. But the concept as a whole is that you are ultimately promising a better experience to customers through these practices. What makes you more special than your competitor? Try this: Take a pen and paper or – because who does that anymore? – open a new Pages/Word document and physically answer that question. The answers will help refocus your future activities and make them more accurate and efficient. You will have a better picture of who your customer is and why the client should choose you.

Hint: Consider the 4 Ps of Marketing also known as the Marketing Mix –¬†Product, Price, Promotion and Place. How are you unique in these key areas?

Million Dollar Question: What would you tell a potential client if they asked you why you’re so special? For more thought-provoking ideas, subscribe to the Marketing Musings blog and the newsletter. Happy Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by.



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