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9 Sep

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The world now lives in the social media-sphere. In fact, one in four consumers have four or more social media accounts. So, as a promoter of a product or service, where else would you want to be? If you’re not promoting on social media services, it’s time to start. If you are, these tips will help you, too.

Laura Lake of says that “if [your marketing strategy is] not interactive, it’s just interruptive.”

In their study surveying 3,000 consumers, “Consumers Open To Marketing Messages on Social Media Sites”, Performics found that:

  • 34% of those who participated said that they have used a search engine to find information on a product, service, or a brand after they saw an advertisement on a social networking site.
  • 30% learned about a new product, service or brand on a social networking site.
  • 32% said that messages about printable coupons on social sites resonate with them.
  • 28% of those responded said that messages about sales or special deal notifications resonated with them.

Bottom Line? Potential clients will find you or your product via social media services. Be there!

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Click here for more information on the Performics study.

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